ReBourne Winter Wonderland Photo Contest
Good news everyone !

After building a beautiful Winter Wonderland sim , ReBourne decided to have a contest. We invite you to enjoy the the amazing wiew , you can do that skating , riding a sled or simply walk . And since it's cold outside , hot choco is waiting for you at the entrance . The Winter Wonderland is dedicated to all winter lovers , a nice and warm scenery created for you to visit with friends and make some great photos . Don't forget to participate at the Photo Contest , some great prizes are waiting for you . The rules are pretty simple :

* Photo must be taken at reBourne Winter Wonderland.
* You can use the default region setting or any windlight setting that you prefer.
* Although the sim has an adult rating, nudity, vulgarity, and sexual obscenity is strictly prohibited.
* Minimum height of photo is 700px.
* No Use of photo editing software allowed other than for cropping . Only RAW SHOTS will be accepted .
* Photo must be named “(title of the photo) @ reBourne Winter Wonderland”.
* Photo must be submitted via flickr and/or send to Danny Bourne inworld.
* DEADLINE of submission will be on December 28, 2013.
* Winners will be announced on December 29, 4pm SLT, at reBourne Winter Wonderland.


1st Place: 5,000L$
2nd Place: 2,500L$
3rd Place: 1,000L$
4th Place: 500L$
5th Place to 10th Place: 250L$

ReBourne Flickr Group :
Teleport to ReBourne Winter Wonderland :

Good luck , we can’t wait to see your photo entries !

ReBourne Winter Wonderland Photo Contest

ReBourne Winter Wonderland Photo Contest

ReBourne Winter Wonderland Photo Contest

ReBourne Winter Wonderland Photo Contest

Genève is the newest release from ReBourne and first thing you will notice are the multiple choices for decorating this house offers you .I was always in love with Rebourne houses , simply because they use high quality textures and that gives you a nice , homey feeling .For Geneve the designer combined natural wood tones with a rustic interior and used some really nice shadow inside the house .

ReBourne : Genève

ReBourne : Genève

ReBourne : Genève

Apart the open spaces , what i like most about Geneve is the high quality animated shower for couples . You must try that !

ReBourne : Genève

ReBourne : Genève

ReBourne : Genève

reBourne Genève New Release

The Premium Skybox has a menu that allows you to change backgrounds and ambiental sounds .If you more options check ReBourne Panoramic Scenes Pack Here .

Deco Details :
Picture 1

House : Geneve ReBourne Premium Skybox
Bed : Paris Bed Shoki Animation
Wall Sign : Love Vintage Sign Seven Emporium
Floor Bulb : Seven Emporium
Camera :TA Bohemian Camera

Picture 2:

Painting Easel : Dutchie
Wall Map : Travelers Map Pilot
Couch : Dome animated ReBourne

Picture 3:

Living : Roya living room set BAZAR
Lamp : AF Giant Teller Lamp
Wall sign :Magon Art Collection Pilot
Suitcases : Tres Blah

Picture 4 :

Wood Tables Arizona , Laundry Baskets and Hanging Towel : BAZAR
Candle : Apple Fall
Plant and beauty set : MudHoney

Picture 5:

Good Morning Set BAZAR gift

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