Happy Halloween everyone !

Boudoir ! So many things we can say about this store .One thing i love about Boudoir is their creativity . They have many , many outfits i love but today i choosed one in the spirit of Halloween .AbraMacabra is one of their newest release and is a very cute witch outfit that inspired a lot of people to make some amazing pictures . Here i show you mine and hope you will like it !

Baddest witch in town !Happy Halloween


Outfit:AbraMacabra Boudoir
Accessories :Flying Broomstick Cult Of Belgar

Many thanks to my model and dear friend Kalyssto !♥

“What big eyes you have
The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad.”

I think we all know the Red Riding Hood story .But what about the Evil Red Riding Hood ? I must confess i liked this Evil Red Riding Hood costume from the moment i saw it because of the scarry reinterpretion of the innocent Riding Hood.Is made by Little Britain Designs , and if you don’t know them yet , they are specialised in this kind of outfits .Visit them if you need a great Halloween look and not only .

Little Evil Red Riding Hood


Costume :Evil Red Riding Hood (full avatar ,including Ao and animated wolf on chain) Little Britain Designs and Marketplace