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Hey sweet folowers i am finally back from my vacation and i really miseed you !I wanna thank you because altough i was away so much ,you still folowed my blog and that means a lot for me .I also wanna let you know that i will do some changes to my blog and i really hope you will like it.But enough about that ,let’s talk about my new post.Me and Izzie know eachother from not so long time but i can say that she easily becomed a dear person for me because of her modesty and the nice way she treats people .You don’t  find those things very often at a person and i really   appreciate  that at  her  and is how she becomed a dear person for me.So on a hot summer day we decided to do our first photoshoot.Where?At the beach of course!I hope you guys will like the pictures and will continue to folow and support me.
With love,Ruby.

Back from vacation!


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Izzie’s blog:


On Izzie:

Skin:Vilda Laq
Hair:Something Elikatira
Swimsuit:Lace-Up Bikini floral cyan Izzie’s
Flower Accesorie:Plumeria Lei White&Pink Ku “u lpo
Poses:Beach Ball Poses Izzie’s

On me:
Skin: Elly Pink Fuel
Hair:Jane [Raspberry]
Eyes:Bronze Fashism
Swimsuit:Lace-Up Bikini floral Izzie’s
Bangles:Funky Lostwood
Flower Accesorie:Plumeria Lei White&Pink Ku “u lpo

Summer song:Love in Brasil