Skin Addiction’s Skin Showcase :Izzie’s

Let’s make an experiment!Buy a demo of the new Delusional skin from Izzie’s and wear it the entire day.I am sure that you will absolutely love it.At least that is what happend to me and i think more than one will think same after .Yes i know,some of you will say that all bloggers love the skins they wear so nothing new in that.The majority of you choose their skins from well known brands that make very good skins .We know Izzie’s is making nice clothes and accessories but i don’ know how much of you know that she is also making good skins.Pictures will speak for themselves and if those don’t convince you i recommend you to go and try a demo . Skin Addiction’s Skin Showcase is a skin event made by the founder of Skin Addiction group that we all know and love, and is showcasing over 60 new skins.There is where you can also find Delusional and many others new releases that sure deserve that we at least try a Demo.I was looking for a new skin from a long time and i tried every new release but i think neither of them represented me for real .I got the chance to put my hands on this new one and tried styling a look with the new dress from {Spright} .That is how i decided THIS will be my new skin.For those of you who don’t know {Spright} is a new brand that had a nice start with this beautiful dress and i can’t wait for new releases.Stay tuned for the Big Opening!

Izzie's Delusional at Skin Showcase

Izzie's Delusional at Skin Showcase

Delusional Izzie's

Delusional Izzie's

Delusional Izzie's

Delusional Izzie's

Styling Card:

Skin:Delusional Izzie’s at Skin Showcase New
Teeths:Teeth Set Izzie’s
Hair:Edith Action Womens Hair New
Dress:Inspire Dress [Spright]New (Big Opening Soon)
Headpiece:Wisteria LaGyo
Poses:Purple Poses
Location:Japan Project Garden 2

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  1. wow post turned out great Ruby! Delusional looks beautiful on you!

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