Spring is the Perfect Time for New Beginnings

Well this is sure hard! After all this time not blogging ,i finally decided that is time.Even if i was not so present i can assure you  i was thinking at new ideas everyday   and i was happily suprised that i still; have followers   and that i even had new subscribers .As we all know ,real life can be a real challenge for us and that is healthy to make a break once in a while ,even if we are talking about  a long break  .It’s sad seeing more and more bloggers quit  because they don’t have enough time and also feel a big pressure to rewiew in a fashionable time new items , but dear friends my opinion is  that you can be a good blogger even if you reserve more time for  real life so please consider it more before quit. In the future the blog will have various changes and i can only hope that you will like it and find it useful .Spring is a very dear season for me  and a perfect one for new beginnings but also a beautiful variety of colors and combinations .
Lately Hucci is releasing more and more mesh stuff and i am happy about it ,because they improved their mesh creations and the dresses fit nice ,with some sexy curves around there:D .They are available in a lot of colours and combinations  ,so you have a lot of options. If you are like me ,then you are always happy when you receive cute subscribers gifts.Well  then rush and hit the subscriber button because Hucci sends frequently nice gifts and also giftcards,the last one was the Easter giftcard having a value of 175 l, all ready to be spent .Hucci
Shoes ,shoes ,shoes!What women doesn't love them?My latest acquisition are Coquette from N-core and ladies i can say they were the first shoes ever that got so many compliments from gentlemans .Easy to combine with a lot of outfits ,i also like them because they are very practical and i don't need to change the rgb values everytime i change my skin .

Styling card:

Skin:Chiaki .::Mother Goose's::.
Hair:Lykie >TRUTH<
Dresses: Mya Dress(Sunset) and Cinnamon Dress ::HH:: Hucci
Shoes:Coquette N-Core
Watch :no. 38 Quasar white *chronokit*
Necklace:Kiel blue ruchica
Nails:French nails Izzie's
Poses:R.icielli Editorial Poses 1 and Miamai Model Pose Editorial

Location:Ritrovo at Kagurazaka

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