Sisters Show

3,2,1 Action!
Ruby:After all this time we finally have some minuts for us,i miss talking with you ..altough you know we must clean up this mess..
Kae:Don’t worry we will finish soon .So what you did lately?
Ruby:Nothing that important ,just the usual you know ..i am a little sad too.
Kae whispers worried because sees the sad look in Rubys eyes :what happend sis?tell me about it .
Ruby tries to look brave acting like is not very important and hides her face while she is cleaning the room :Well you know i had a hard time accepting all the situation with Eduard ..i was really happy until..
Kae :Maybe it was suppose to be that way ,your happyness is not depending on others you just need to folow your dreams !
Ruby:Yes but sometimes i just feel all this is not ok maybe i am wrong ,maybe i do things wrong ,maybe..
Kae tenderly speaks :
Ruby please listen to me NEVER EVER try change to be liked,no person deserves that ,they either like you for you or they don’t,but it’s their lost!
Ruby sits next to Kae and hugs her tight
Kae: to me you’re one of the most sweet,caring and most amazing person i met and i care for you so much .Never try to change !i like you for you and real friends will see what i see .
Ruby looks at Kae almost crying :Really?Because of persons like you i try not to change ,sometimes i am confused but is always good having you around reminding me these important stuff,you know i will always be around for you don ‘t you?I love you
Kae widely smiles:I know,you are the sister i never had .Don’t be sad ,remember you are loved ..To be continued

Sisters Show

Sisters Show

Sisters Show directed by Tristan Voorhees

Kae &Ruby Show

Well since i loved almost all things at Vintage Fair is very hard to decide what to wear ,but me and Kae decided to add some colour to our Sl life and wear Tutti Frutti .Bella Tolsen has some very cute and colorful creations at the fair and here are our options.

Styling card:

Skin:Curio -Dark Vintage Ritz at Vintage Fair
Hair:Dura 29 Dark Brown
Shirt:*TuttiFrutti* Lovely Rita Aqua at Vintage Fair
Pants:*TuttiFrutti* Octupus Garden Vintage hot pants at Vintage Fair
Belt:*TuttiFrutti* Across the Universe waist belt at Vintage Fair
Shoes:N-core Jolie NEW
Sunglasses: :::Line::: Sitting Bull glasses
Nails:Mstyle Long nails Holy pink
Cleaner:FIN Vintage Vacuum Cleaner at Vintage Fair
Furniture & camera: Sophia chairs & retro camera What Next at Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair Slurl

For Kae’s style card check her blog SweetSexyCrazy

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