Halloween-The Walking Dead

Happy Halloween guys!I know you like to be unique and you are trying to find the perfect Halloween costume and since i am a fan of The Walking Dead series i found this:THE MOST PERFECT ZOMBIE ever!This is a complete zombie avatar ,the perfect way to scare out all your friends ,and is very well done.I think i am so cuteee:DLet’s se the pictures now and i hope you will enjoy ur Halloween party!Trick or treats:D?

Halloween-Walking Dead

Halloween-Walking Dead

Halloween-Walking Dead

The Female Zombie Avatar is from LOGO and includes:

– Tintable Zombie Skin (gashes, scrapes, blood, peeling skin….mmmm hot!)
– Modifiable Zombie Shape
– Zombie AO HUD which includes various standing animations and a zombie walk
– Full length jeans (rips courtesy of her unwilling victims)
– Frayed jean shorts, all the better to show off those rotting legs!
– Torn shirt and bra, splattered with brains and also provided as separate pieces
– A pair of Zombie True Eyes
– 3 different colours of face lights for spooky undead lighting – Red, Green or Blue
– Zombie Sound Pack which randomly plays one of 13 different zombie sounds. 2 versions are included depending on how often you want the avatar to make sounds.
– Prim hair by Kin
– Gaping Mouth Animation
– Bald Hair Base for the eyebrows

and you can find it HERE and also has a version for males HERE

Perfect song for Halloween:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6T0ZnBnQUQ

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