Bubblegum weekends by Ruby and Kae

Ok i admit i was sceptic about using this hair colors for our post but Kaelyn convinced me:D Since we both folow Gogo’s blog we decided to do this Bubblegum weekends challenge because we wanted to try a diffrent thing and be a part of this super cute project.I hope more people will join ,we can’t wait to see your pictures too on the Bubblegum Weekends Flickr group .Orion has a new dress ,you can find it at the Ch1c birthday event , and can help you create an original look because of the awesome flower that i personally love .Kae and me played with the dresses and comed out with this looks that i hope you guys will like.Oh and don ‘t forget to join the Bubblegum Weekends challenge !

Bubblegum Weekends Challenge

Bubblegum Weekends Challenge

Bubblegum Weekends Challenge

Hair: Allison in cool mint on me & Astrid in hotpink NEW on Kae Truth
Skin: Aimee by Lara Hurley on me & Gaia by PXL on Kae
Eyes: Sunrise eyes Fashism
Dresses: In bloom black & white Orion at Ch1c
Shoes:Rivea pumps new delicious color that i love MStyle
Necklace & Ring on Kae : Cupcake – Pepper NEW
Tattoo on Kae: This too shall pass – Khush
Poses: Lauria, Baffle, Marukin & Glitterati

1 comment
  1. Kaelyn said:

    We look sooooo cute! I missed our posts together! This was so fun! I love your pictures!

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