El hombre que yo amo!

Good morning lovely ladies!I am sure that you want to look gorgeous this summer ,that is why Fellini Couture released a new special dress !Byzance is the perfect choice for special events this summer , she has gorgeous blue tones and the fabric is embroidered with flower patterns.What really makes this gown special for me is the beautiful bouquet of flowers attached on the chest and the amazing hat with hibiscus and frangipani flowers.Is true that the only real elegance is in the mind,but some designs really help us:)

Byzance from Fellini Couture

Byzance from Fellini Couture

Byzance from Fellini Couture


Dress:Byzance gown from Fellini Couture
Eyes:Blue Fashism
Skin:Vilda Laq
Hair:Belle Exile
Shoes:Empress of the Night Roses 24 Shoo

Listening to:Myriam Hernandez – El hombre que yo amo

  1. Kaelyn said:

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    True beauty is in the way she laughs
    True beauty is in her eyes
    True beauty is how she acts
    True beauty is inside
    True beauty is unseen
    True beauty is only felt
    True beauty is not mean
    True beauty is herself
    True beauty can’t be cruel
    True beauty is bare
    True beauty within you
    True beauty is always there
    True Beauty can’t be covered with makeup
    True beauty means true love
    True beauty can’t be baked up
    True beauty is the flight of a dove
    True beauty has no flaws
    For True beauty is all that matters after all

  2. Kaelyn said:

    welll I copy&past that poem wanting to send you…. Ruby you are a true beauty! I am loving the pictures in this post so much! The shadows and lightings are beautiful and the location fits this dress so perfect!

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