If God is a Dj!

“If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
YOU are the MUSIC”

Hello sweet bloggers ,hope you all have a wonderful sunday!Lately i am very busy in real life ,school keeps me busy studying all the time ,i am busy in sl too , i feel i don t have time for nothing and no one including me .I really miss spending time with friends that i often negltect 😦 ,to explore new places and meet new people .Is necessary once in a while take some time for you and just relax and have fun .That is just what i did friday with my sis Kaelyn and Tris ,we had a little party ,we even played the role of a dj with the NEW Dj Booth Wood from BLUE SKY that i am very happy that i have now ,because i love to be the DJ girl:D,we shared music and had lots of fun :)I really encourage you to do this too!:)

If God is a Dj!

If God is a Dj!

If God is a Dj!

If God is a Dj!

If God is a Dj!


Dj Booth Wood from BLUE SKY

Skin:Monica Glam Affair
Hair:Louise Fab U Lous
Eyes:Black Fashism
Jacket:Rocker Jacket Vero Modero
Pants:Leggings Orion
Shoes:GOSHI pumps tan Mstyle
Nails:Mstyle long nail Citron
Ring:Mix tape ring glow studio

On Tris:

! FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Egyptian Blue
*ARGRACE* Baseball Cap “Shaggy” ~ (Black)
-AXE-In Bronx Outfit-MEN-
::GB::two-strand necklace GROUP GIFT

On Kaelyn:

Hair: Militairy cap ‘Loose Chignon’ – Argrace *NEW
Skin: Gaia SK – PXL *NEW
Eyes: Sunrise light purple XL – Fashism
Top: Open shirt layered lavender – Argrace *NEW
Jeans: Tyra jeans washed black – L.inc
Sneakers: Candi sneakers lilac – BabyMonkey
Necklace: Boom bap necklace (F) – Kari *NEW
Tattoo: Dream – YaYo
Poseprop Garage & couple dance pose “Tango” both by Glitterati

  1. Kaelyn said:

    I have been checking your site all day to see if this post would be up! I love the pictures and it was so much fun! Been listening to all the songs again and again!

  2. Tristan said:

    I was looking forward for this post, i had so much fun 🙂 thank you!!!

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