I will be reborn!

When we can’t forgive people when they hurt us ,when we can forgive ourselves for our mistakes we can take a time and try and reborn ourselves in a love that could be better.




Ys&Ys Adriana Reborned

“Father hold me tight, Mother don’t you
cry in this masquerade of silk and gold;
there’s no one else to trust.
What I can’t touch or see is not real
Do I have to put my hand in his wound
to believe?
Blue skies will provide shelter to both the
clean and the mean, the powerful and
the rich will be honored, forgetting all
their sins; Society will build a new God,
covered with green.
No Angel will bring the sword and no evil
will be crowned, the circle is closed, but
the question still belongs… am I alone?”


Skin:Adriana reborn YS&YS Exclusive for Culture Shock
Swimsuit:Paradisis summer
Hair:Rain hair Lelutka
Eyes:Bronze Fashism

Culture Shock was an amazing event that included 174 great stores and i am more than happy that i could show you some of the best creations from there.I hope you will enjoy!



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