Shoes and bags are all we want!

Don’t we just love shoes and bags?Tom Hanks, in Forest Gump said “Mama always said you could tell an awful lot about a person by the kind of shoes they wear.”Well if you ask me i think we can say the same about bags:D I am not a crazy shopper this days altough i so love the new releases but you just can ‘t miss these ones .
GOSHI pumps from Mstyle and Girly briefcase from The Secret Store are two new lovely releases that i just love !Was love at first sight and they becomed easily a must in my looks because they are stylish and well done,the pumps are extremly sexy with their high heels and the briefcases are just adorable and i like the colors .I can say many great things about them but i must hurry ,my new goshi pumps and girly bag are waiting me for a hot date!:D





Skin:Aimee Lara Hurley
Hair:Inverted lelutkaNEW
Outfit:HouseOfFox at TFG
Shoes:GOSHI pumps MstyleNEW
Bags:Girly briefcase The secret storeNEW

Decor:Damdelion clocks CheekyPea

Listening to:Keri Hilson – High Heels

1 comment
  1. Ahhhh Brilliantly done Rubs! Totally impressed and drooling over both your shoes and your bags! You got them all you do lend them out to your sis right? 😛 And ehm what date? Do share! *grins*

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