Diktator New Release!

Hello you shoes addicted!If you are dealing with high heels addiction and i know most of you do ,i have amazing news .Diktator the newest brand in town and one of my favorites has new releases and they are amazingly sweet and sexy :Andree!
I just love the feature of this new shoes,they come with alpha layer &invisible prim ,resize menu,two base skin shades ( white pale & normal skin),and color match Hud : Skin, Nails , Socks.Each color of shoes comes with sexy cuffed socks and is great that we can play with colours and choose whatever sweet colour we want.I like very much how the designers improved and i must say this new release is not only a great design with nice colours but is very realistic too ,if you have any doubts i invite you to try a demo!

Diktator NEW

Diktator NEW

Diktator NEW

Diktator NEW

Diktator NEW

Diktator NEW

Diktator NEW


Skin:Aiko Lara Hurley group gift
Dress:Peqe Cats Magenta Exclusive at Culture Shock
Hair:Rain hair Letutka
Eyes:Light Blue FASHISM
Suitcase:Pack Me Up Suitcase Candii Kitten
Poses:Stance Poses and Glitterati

Link for Diktator store on MarketPlace

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