What a beautiful world!

What a beautiful day !Today was my free day so i woked up very late ,and i was very happy when i saw so beautiful day of spring .So i decided to take a little walk and i was not wrong .I admired all things that nature can give us and the beautiful sky with shy sunshines, and i feel now much better .When i was choosing what to wear i was very inspired by a look in sl from Peqe .I always admired Peqe creations because they are very feminine and modern too and even if before i didnt thinked this outfit is really my style when i tried it on i felt suddenly very confortable and happy with the way i look so you should definetly try it.The awesome Di’s opera has some exlusives poses at Culture Shock , this one is a set of 4 poses including the luggage bag that comes in 3 colours.
I hope you will enjoy my new look and visit my blog next time too!







Blouse:Flow/Lilac from Peqe at Culture Shock
Pants:Flare/Stone from Peqe at Culture Shock
Necklace :je suis eternelle Exclusive at Culture Shock
Rings:Hucci Spring Fashion Rings
Skin:Aimee Lara Hurley
Eyes:Bronze FASHISM
Hair:Alison Truth
Poses:Di’s Opera Old Luggage Poses Exclusive at Culture Shock

Slurl for Culture Shock
Inspiring song:Holograf – Primavara Incepe Cu Tine

  1. Tristan said:

    I loved the harmony in your outfit Ruby, and good to see you are doing better in life with every new day 🙂

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