Pink Fuel Exclusive at Culture Shock!

Hey you skin lovers !I know they are lots of skin lovers outhere including me so my option of skin today is from Pink Fuel .Pink Fuel always had adorable skins ,very natural and sweet looking so i am happy i could find them at Culture Shock too with 1 Exclusive skin with special makeups Elly Gloom ,Candied and Cotton Candy .They are sure on my fav list and i hope they will be on your list too!

Pink Fuel-Elly Gloom

Pink Fuel-Elly Candied

Pink Fuel-Elly Cotton Candy

Direct Slurl for Pink Fuel at Culture Shock

  1. You’re such a beautiful person! ❤ I love seeing you learn new things with each and every post you make! You're meeting new people and you're standing out of the crowed! You can do all this in your RL too! I know you can! You can shine so bright but this light needs to come from within! Maybe start with a smile and the rest will come automaticly?! *Flashes her sis a goofy smile* Keep your head up sweety! *Hugs you tight*

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