The art of beauty from Fellini Couture:Kamasutra

Good morning my beautiful folowers!Is an immense happiness for me presenting today the Kamasutra dress from Fellini Couture. I knew i love this amazing dress from the moment i saw it and now that i haved the chance to make pictures i hardly stopped.I admire all Joy Fellini’s gowns but this time she really impressed me ,maybe because i am passionate for other cultures and this new release is based on a Hindu theme.To complete my look i choosed Shiva hair from *Plume*that will be available very soon at Culture Shock.This hair is just special ,actually i find each Plume hair very unique .And how you can wear all this without the stunning jewelry from Zaara?I think if you would be in my place will make the exact choice for jewelry .So here i am making pictures with this amazing look ..on an amazing sim and couldn’t stopped :))But well i hope you girls will understand me what woman wouldn’t feel special dressed like this?:)


Fellini Kamasutra

Fellini Kamasutra

Zaara jewelry

Fellini Kamasutra


Poses:Manifeste and Glitterati

Location:THE NILE

Inspiring song:BHROMOR KOIO GIA

  1. I like the expresion of your face in the second picture… i don’t like the pants… and i love the rest:D

  2. OMG Ruby I think this is my new favorite post in your blog! I love all your pictures and you look so beautiful!

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