Hair Heaven at only 25 L

Oh wow i am sure you girls will love me for this post !I was crazy shopping with my sys Kaelyn and checking all discounts and promo when i arrived here …Have you heard… The Rumor.Omg this is hair heaven have so much stylesfrom where to choose and they are all at just an amazing price: 25 lindens .Isn’t this the greatest day you haved ?:)Anyways to complete my outfit i just couldn’t forget this awesome boots ,just released from Les Petits Details and the Morning after Dress from Tiny Bird a shop that is having also a promo ,hairs at 100 lindens .The skin is also fresh fresh fresh with very cute make up options ,but i will present you more of this skin very soon .For now i am happy with my new boots that i totally love and.. my new collection of hairrr ,i know ,i know i am such a hair addict.

Morning after Dress from Tiny Bird

Posh hair

Posh hair

Posh hair

Les petit details boots!

Posh hair

Hair at only 25 lindens HERE
Lovely new boots and skin HERE and HERE
Dress Morning After HERE

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