Blue Sky at Chic Limited

I am sure you can deduce that fashion ,clothes are a real passion for me in second life and not only .But i am not very sure if you know that i love decorating ,well made houses ,skyboxes and visiting wonderful sims.That is why i couldn’t helped to not love this original creation of Luca Python .
Found it at Chic Limited and it was love at first sight because not only is a original ideea to make such elegant interior to a trailer but the ideea of sakura flowers and lights totally conquered me .I am a big fan of sakura flowers and all that is inspired by them so i just wanna thank Luca for this creation .I think this could be a proper acquisition for lots of land and i am seriously thinking to use it as my home:))You can find this design only at Chic Limited until 26 April!

Skybox Blue

Skybox Blue

Skybox Blue

Skynox Blue

Skybox Blue

Slurl for Chic Limited:

Taxi for [-BLUE SKY-] — Mainstore– by Luca Python:

Skin:Erika Belleza
Eyes:Black Fashism
Hair:Exile at TDR Blue
Lingerie:Deetalez moolto hunt
Pumps:Maitreya old group gift

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