Face of Romania!

Hello my lovely bloggers!I just want to let you all know that i can declare today as one of the happyest day in Second Life.I AM A FINALIST AT THE ‘FACE OF ROMANIA “contest I AM SO SO SO HAPPY!It would be a dream if i win.I don ‘t know if lots of you know but i am from Romania and this year Glance International Agency in colaboration with Virtual Bucharest organised a beauty competition named “Face of Romania” .From the first moment i heard about this competition i knew i want to participate .That is how i was choosen along with 6 other beautiful romanian girls.I want to congratulate all the girls that participated at the open casting ,i can tell you were all special and also the other 6 girls in the semifinal ,eachone of you had a special photo.Now the next step is that each girl present how they spend a day in the virtual world We will present ourfriends ,favorite stores ,favorite styles and also favorite places.I wish the other 2 girls good luck and may the best win.I present you my photo for the semifinal of this contest!

Face of Romania Competition

Amazing Origami Dress Fellini Couture
Beautiful Aimee Skin from Lara Hurley
Special location:Immersiva by Bryn Oh

Special thanks for all her support to my wonderful sister Kaelyn!

Listening to:Louis Armstrong – what a wonderful world

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  1. Always around for support sweet sis! You look so beautiful! No matter if you win this contest or not, to me you’re already the face of Romania! Look how far you’ve come already! I’m so proud of you!

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