Hey Soul sister!

Well ,here we are again ! 2 sisters that have in common one big thing that is called fashion went to shopping AGAIN:D Very suprising no?:))When me and my talented sis go shopping.. i feel happy for various reasons but the most important of them is her . I love spending time with her and in a short time she tourned out to be a very important person for me .<3 always sis Most of the times that go with her in shops i get only new things so here we are with the newest designs from Aoharu & Gizza.But these outfits wouldn’t look so amazing on us without the beautiful skins from Lara Hurley the recently released Anya and my favourite from all times Aimee.
(THANK YOU LARA !) I hope everyne has made special friends in this game like i did and if you didn’t don’ be sad you never know when you will meet them .Till then you can always consider me your friend and why not contact me if you just need to spend some time with someone, i am happy meeting new people.Have a nice weekend everybody !

Kae&Ruby (photo made by Kae)

Soul sisters!

Soul sisters!

Skin:Aimee Lara Hurley
Hair:Belle Exile
Outfit:DotChiffon Aoharu New
Wedges:Anexx New
Pants:TrendStyle group gift January
Location: Lula

***NOTE: Find Kaelyn’s styling on her blog here!

Listening to:Train – Hey, Soul Sister (especially for my wonderful sister)

1 comment
  1. You may not be aware
    But the things you do and say
    Fill my life with sunshine
    In many special ways.

    It means a lot to me
    To have a sis like you
    You make each day brighter
    And give me smiles, too!

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