ESSENCES New skin is a group gift!

Hello skin lovers ,i will show you today a new skin that is also a group gift .Vivienne is the new skin from ESSENCES and i maked you some photos for you to see how the skin looks.I noticed at this new skin that Inka Mexicola has improved her skinmaking skills and the body looks much better .Also i love the make up option of the skin .For more informations visit the store and grab the gift , i really think it deserves !And i wanna wish to Inka a Happy B day , i wish her all happyness in the world and to keep up the good work and improving!




Hair:Chery Black Fab U Lous NEW
Eyes:Sunrise Eyes Silver &Blue FASHISM
Body:Swimsuit small dots white AV
Boots:Shearling Boots Black Maitreya


  1. Ohhh my sexy sis, are you not cold? LOL I am so in love with the location! ❤

  2. I am hot and i am cold.. as the song says:)) yes is an awesome location ,love it!

  3. Ruby said:

    Aww mersi pisi ,fugi si i-ati grupul si skinul , e group gift !pupici

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