::::Fab-U-Lous::: New Hair!

Hello my sweet bloggers!For this wonderful day of sunday i am bringing to your attention some Fab-U-Lous new hair .For all those that love curly hair and not only you must visit the Fab-U-Lous Main Store and see what is new in town .I am sure you will want to try more than a demo and you will not resist the temptation to make a new look .That is why i present you some alternatives now .Hope you will love them as much as i do!I wish you all a great sunday!







Taxi to ::::Fab-U-Lous::: Main Store

Hair:pic 1 Gina :::Fab-U-Lous:::Black
pic 2 Brenda :::Fab-U-Lous:::Black
pic 3 Louise :::Fab-U-Lous::: Black
pic 4 Tamisha :::Fab-U-Lous::: Black
pic 5 ,6 Malinda :::Fab-U-Lous::: Black
Skin: Vilda Laq
Tattoo:SteinFeld Baum Tatoo made by Klaudiu Capelo
Earrings:Hoop Earring FAB .PONY(magenta)
Top: Sequin longtop erratic
Pants:Cosmic Thights Hyper Culture

Listening to:Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude

1 comment
  1. WOW sis you look FAB U LOUS 😉 Love all the hairstyles! 🙂 Can’t believe I have never been to that shop before lol, being a true hair addict! Lol you know me!

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