Happy Valentines Day to Me!

Spending Valentine’s Day alone?Release you of all the problems and take a relaxing bath! I’m sure there are lot’s of ways to relax , but my favorite way is a relaxing bubble bath and this is one way to enjoy it more!

First thing:Let all people know that you will have one day just for yourself!

Now that everyone understands, prepare your bath the way you want it.I like to use some lavender essences.

I also love hot water, , lights off with a few aromated candles, instrumental music and a glass of wine.

Now that you have your private time, time for only you, enjoy it. Try not to think of anything, just relax!

Your time is off but you will feel so much better after having that small amount of time all to yourself and i am sure you will have a great day!

The Love Tub

The Love Tub

The Love Tub

Bath Tub:[croire] The Love Tub

Listening to:Secret Garden

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